I was excited for the new year, excited to see where 2020 would take my business and had so much planned for my business. Who would have thought that everything we planned would come to screeching halt. We lived in a time of the unknown, wondering what would happen to our businesses, our lives etc. It wasn’t a year were expecting for sure but we all made it through it ok.

I was so excited to book clients for the new year because my husband was in the military and we were stationed in Yuma, AZ for 7 years before moving down to the Gilbert area. I was excited to be close to family, excited to explore new locations and to capture new families and to tell their story. Even though my plans had to change i was lucky enough to capture some amazing families before the lockdown and some after the lockdown was lifted. I love every single one of my clients in Yuma and in Gilbert. I was able to work on my business during the lockdown to help me grow as a photographer and as a person. I was able to meet some amazing clients and hear their story and to be able to capture that for them. I saw growth in myself in an amazing way and saw how i captured the world and the beauty around me. I am looking forward to this year 2021 and no matter how it goes i am excited and trusting God through it all and believing it will be everyone’s year. Thank you to my amazing clients for having me photograph your amazing families!

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