This Photography journey has been an amazing with a lot of ups and downs and lots of learning from my mistakes and failures. Each memory I have captured and seen I truly cherish and treasure with every single moment captured, to capturing moments for my clients and capturing some amazing moments of my family. My motto is capturing your most precious moments and turning them into beautiful images you will truly love and cherish years on down the road. Documenting my every day life and telling a story through my camera in how I not only I see my day to day life but how I see the world. We all see the world a little differently and capturing the beauty around me and showing you guys how I see it.

Each moment tells a story whether that is your story or my story and just like my tattoo says on my forearm “because every picture tells a story…” I started photography about 6 years ago and this year 2021 will be 7 years. It has been amazing year and each year I learned a lot. It took my business about 3 years to get off the ground and actually get sessions booked. I look back on my images now and I cringe like nobody’s business (they were bad…probably should have learned a tad bit more before just going for it lol). But that is not who I am, when I have a dream in my head I go for it, when God tells me to move I move and I fully believe that, that dream will take off. I am self-taught, I did not go to school for it and no surprise I learned everything off of Youtube. I failed a lot but I got right back up because I was determined to get my business going and help support my family. I wanted to show my children that your dreams can come true and they did. My business kicked off in the third year and has been unstoppable from there.

I have met amazing clients along the way and enjoyed every single bit of it. Well fast forward to when Covid-19 hit, my business kind of tanked and I think all businesses did. Even during Covid I was determined to learn something and focus more on the social media part and perfecting my craft. Once everything opened back up I could never get it back off the ground and I didn’t have the passion anymore and my heart broke because I have worked so hard to get my business where it’s at today. I had to take a step back and look at what was really going on. I was so busy that I kind of brushed my business off to the side and started up another one thinking that would help and it didn’t. When i started to pick up my camera again, I could actually feel the joy, the passion I had when I first started. Photography has been a part of me forever and it’s such an amazing gift that God has blessed me with and I am beyond grateful for. I love picking up my camera and capturing memories for clients and seeing the look of joy, love and maybe some tears gives me so much joy and brings me back to my why, why I have started in the first place. It’s been such an amazing year and I look forward to see what God has in store for my photography business.

If you have a dream that you constantly think about opening up your own bakery shop, photography business, art, designing clothes or nervous to start we never know unless we don’t take that first step. In my business I am taking steps of faith, stepping out of my comfort zone and jumping believing that I am going to succeed. Yes I have fallen but get back up and try again. You never know unless you try. Never give up on your dream! It’s never to late to start your dream regardless of age. I am looking forward to many more years in my business and honestly can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has for me and my family.

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