October has come and gone and can’t believe it’s November, this year is sure flying by! We had a packed day Sunday and I was exhausted the next day. My kids love dressing up every year for Halloween and each year there costumes change of course and we are slowly coming out of the aww cute stage costumes. I miss those days but I love seeing my kids creativity come to life and typically don’t get their costumes till last minute because they always change it. One month they will want to be one thing then the next day it will be something else. So we have learned that if we wait at least a couple days before Halloween to get it they won’t change their mind but that never happens and I always have to double check at the store lol

Every year my mom throws a block party for the neighborhood/Trunk or Treat. She started several years ago because she wanted a safe place for kids to trick or treat and have fun and it has been such a big hit every year. We some what did it last year but with Covid everyone was taking precautions so it wasn’t as grand as we liked but still passed out candy for those who went trick or treating. This year though we were excited to set it up again for all the kids and it was a success.

We will have a bounce house, food, games, candy and each year we add more and more to it. My kids love it and I hear such good things from not only the kids but the parents as well. This time I heard one of the kids in the bounce house yell this is the best Halloween ever! That comment right made my night because this is why i help my mom with this, it’s for the kids to have fun, and trick or treat in a safe environment. My kids love it and they look forward to it every year along with all the other kids.

This time I was able to capture it till I got busy with temporary tattoos but it was such a fun evening and wanted to put my camera down and enjoy the moments, the smiles, the laughter, the small chit chats and just enjoy the night.

Each year my neighbor goes all out for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with decorations. The kids love it! This year my neighbor had a fog machine in his front yard and I had to take some pictures of my daughter with her costume in the fog! My creativity was flowing in my head but also in my brothers, being the artist that we are we took video and pictures in the fog lol When taking pictures of my daughter the end result came out amazing and I love them! Here they are…

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, made memories, ate lots of candy and had fun. We sure did and now have an overload of candy that I secretly eat at night( I know I can’t be the only parent…). I am well rested and ready to take on November, Thanksgiving, the rest of the year!

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