Our first 4th of July we are celebrating in our home. I was excited because it will be the first of many celebrations, holidays, BBQ, birthdays and so much more in our home. Spending the holidays surrounded with family makes it that much more special. We ate, relaxed and then ate some more while waiting for the sun to go down just a bit.

After some relaxing, some napping and running around we decided to do sparklers with the kids. We normally don’t do the fireworks that fly in the air but we really didn’t need to do that this year because our neighbors all around us ended up putting on a firework show and the kids loved it. But of course they love seeing fireworks, or when we do sparklers they get so excited and love to see the different colors. Of course I had to get a few pictures with the beautiful Arizona sky. The sunsets have been amazing this summer with monsoon season here.

What an amazing 4th of July it was the kids playing with their cousins, spending time with my brother and mom. Listening to the kids laughing, screaming, running around and playing with glow sticks it was a lot of fun! I definitely look forward to many more in our home. Look forward to capturing more memories of the family and will treasure each moment. I hope you all had an amazing 4th Of July and celebrated in a big way with family and friends.

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