Often times I get so caught up with the business aspect of my photography business and forget why I started this business in the first place. I started my photography journey cause I wanted to capture moments and freeze those moments in time for families to remember those precious moments. Yes we look on a moment and that becomes a memory but those memories eventually can sometimes fade away not all the time but some times. I love documenting every moment of my kids life as they are getting older, each stage they are in I truly cherish and enjoy. Some days are better than others but it is a joy and honestly I love each stage.

Now that we are into our house I have been picking up my camera more and more each day. I went through a struggle of wanting to push through a rut I was in. When we were in Yuma I picked up my camera it seemed like every day, sometimes every hour but it was constant and I loved it. If my motto for my business was “to capture precious moments that you will cherish forever” then I wanted to show you that and model that through my own families life. Capturing our day to day, the holidays, the school breaks, our vacations and so much more. When we moved down to Gilbert I forgot my why, my why in starting my business in the first place. At times as a photographers we get into this rut, burn out whatever you want to call it but it doesn’t happen just to photographers. I think every business owner experiences this every once in awhile. I know I did for a bit and couldn’t bring myself to pick up my camera moving to Gilbert but I tried.

Until I photographed a session that meant a lot to capturing some moments as they were going through some hard times in their life. I remembered my why in that moment and I can honestly say I had tears in my eyes in why I started. I started my photography journey not for the money, not to be noticed on social media etc. I started because I didn’t want people to miss the moments in life. To miss the moments as their kids are growing up, to the miss the moments in their families day to day life. Every family has a story from the moment you meet your spouse, to marriage, the adventures and growing your family and seeing your kids grow their family, being surrounded by your children and grandchildren. That’s your story. From the ups and downs you face in life, the businesses you started and maybe failed at but started another one and that took off. The struggles, the storms we face, the circumstances or situations in our life yes they suck to go through but it’s our story and you come out stronger than ever in those times. My story, my families story is being written and I plan to photograph our story even the when times are tough. It’s not all rainbows and roses as you see on social media but posting the families I photograph and telling their story is something worth sharing, reading and seeing.

I have loved meeting new clients, seeing my regular clients but making a friendship and a connection that I honestly cherish with each family. I strive to do my best in my business but also strive to meet that expectation with each of my clients. Most importantly is telling your families story and capturing that through images that you will truly cherish. Each moment is worth being captured, each moment is worth telling, each moment is worth freezing in time.

Let me capture those moments for you, let me capture your families story all while having fun so you can soak in those moments and not worry about trying to capture that moment. Lets create some wonderful memories.

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