The weather finally started to cool down and has stayed down which is great and I love it but also gets very cold in the early mornings and at night. When it comes to the cold I am not a fan but love sitting by the fire with a good book under a blanket enjoying the weather. We had an amazing October month, we carved pumpkins, went to a trunk or treat, and went to a block party and some more trick or treating. Let’s just say they have a ton of candy that they have not touched and that I am slowly eating in hopes they don’t notice. We weren’t able to go to the pumpkin patch this year but we made sure to get some pumpkins they can carve, paint and had fun. When we carve pumpkins I always save the seeds and bake them for us to enjoy. I made them sweet this year and the kids loved them.

When they carve pumpkins they love the process except for the seeds and the gooey part inside. They think it’s so gross and always ask for gloves and I end up doing the rest for them cause well they get a little impatient and want to carve it or paint it already. They had such a blast and loved seeing their pumpkins outside on the front porch.

On Halloween we ended up going to my moms neighborhood. Each year her neighborhood has a block party and the kids always ask to go. They do a bounce house, food, games and of course lots of candy. They had so much fun and never left the bounce house only when I took them trick or treating than they went right back in the bounce house. We had such a blast and made some wonderful memories.

It was a fun October month we had and are enjoying this fall, cool weather we are having. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. My kids are already counting down and making a list for Christmas. I am enjoying capturing these moments of my kids while I can, they are growing up to fast but they love our family traditions during the holidays. Many more memories in our house, many more traditions and many more smiles and laughs.

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