Every year my kids look forward to the Gilbert Days Parade and every year we try to go. This year the parade happen to fall on my sons birthday. We got up early before the road closed at 6am, it definitely was worth it. The kids hanging with their cousins but also seeing the different floats. My sons favorite things to see in the parade are the nice cars, the motorcycles, the military trucks and of course the firetrucks and police officers. My daughter took interests in watching the marching bands in the parade. Last year I believe she loved seeing the princesses but the older she gets the more she is growing out of the princesses and her interests and hobbies are changing. This year though seeing my kids face lite up seeing the different things in the parade and being able to capture it I am here for.

This year they had a lot more floats it seemed then last year but each one different and unique. You have the businesses, dance, to cheerleading, schools and of course you can’t forget Santa and Mrs. Clause. Santa is the last one in the parade and this year before Santa came there was a foam company that was part of the parade and was blowing out foam which the kids went crazy for and got to play in the parade. I would say that was probably a big highlight of the parade.

After the parade we went back to my parents house and celebrated my sons birthday with food, cake and presents. Hearing him with such excitement and pouring so much love out for him was definitely a good day. Each year as they get older, it seems each year I am trying to keep up with their hobbies, interests and miss the days of them being little. But I will say I am enjoying the stage they are at before they reach the teen years which is not to far away. For now I will soak up these moments and embrace each stage in life with them.

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