The moment we moved to Gilbert, AZ I was so excited to be closer to family but to bring my business down. I knew i had to work from the ground up and was prepared for the work ahead of me and that is when Covid-19 hit. I couldn’t do anything and had to shut my business down for a bit and It was hard to get things back up after that. But I’ll be honest I didn’t have the motivation to run my business anymore and just didn’t want to. I didn’t have the passion or desire it was gone. I even stopped taking pictures of my family and kids. I tried re-branding my business, narrowing down only certain things I want to take and that still didn’t work and I was just so tired. So i took the break and spent that time around my family, my children. Adjusting to my husband retiring from the military and focusing on us because that was more important than anything. I take pictures for our church and on Sunday’s and I started missing taking photos. I started to take pictures of my kids, my family again, rainy days and that passion came back to life.

Sometimes we need a break and turn our focus on the things we brushed off to the side. I am so happy to be back and so happy to be picking up my camera again. I realized I missed taking photos of my children, of our day to day life. It’s hard when you are temporarily living with your parents but being surrounded by family has been the best thing for us because with everything going on we all needed each other in a certain time of our life. We needed the support, the kind words and so much more.

In the midst of everything going on for the past couple of years it’s been a growing experience for me and my family. I had to come back and remember why i started and it was because of my children. I wanted to capture every moment with them and didn’t want to miss the moments of them growing up. I wanted to capture there every day life but not only for my family but for other families as well. Capturing memories that they will cherish years on down the road. Looking back when their children were small and cherishing the moments and creating memories. That is my why, why i started in the first place.

I love what I do and I am beyond thrilled to be back, to be behind the camera again and to have that refresher that I so needed. Making memories, capturing the moment for you all and sharing our life behind the camera with you all is something I truly enjoy. My passion is family sessions and Documentary sessions. Telling a story through my lens and sharing with the world.